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We have Summer 2021 & 2022 Availability

We have Summer 2021 & 2022 Availability

Are you looking for a venue for your wedding in Summer 2021 or 2022?   

We still have availability for 2021/22 with Packages starting from only 2695.00, including venue hire and venue dressing, contact our Wedding Coordinator for details.

We interviewed our wedding coordinator, who has been creating weddings for 20years, to get her advice on what to do in this pandemic.

Would You Postpone your wedding day?
It is so hard at the moment knowing what to do for the best. Some Wedding Couples are opting to move their date once more to 2022 and others have lost all the joy and are just wanting their wedding day over and done with! If it was me, I would have the smaller wedding and then have a Blessing or Renewal of vows next year. I think we're all in need of a party!

What if the Day is Cancelled?
I think we have all hit the stage where we want something to look forward to. To have your day cancelled last minute must be so upsetting. I've seen so many couples have a pretend wedding ceremony in their garden with their immediate family. Its better than nothing I suppose.

Are venues taking deposits away?
Most venues desperately want you to postpone. Cancelling at the moment and then refunding couples is a double hit for the venues, who are already struggling. I recommend if you want to cancel, ask if you can use the money for something else. Perhaps a Christening, Birthday or a big Family Meal in the future. That way no one loses out.

How do you know if a venue is Covid-Secure?
Venues have a very long list of strict guidelines to follow. The tricky part is getting the public to follow them. You want to have a friendly cosy atmosphere while ensuring everyone maintains social distancing, especially after a few gins.  It's not easy for the staff but we're all in this together, so if someone attempts to stand at the bar for a pint, we make light of the situation and get them to sit down to be served.

Does 15 guests still have an atmosphere?
Only the wedding couple can make that decision. My family are a ball and we'd have loads of fun, but how do you do the impossible task to pick and choose who comes? It's not easy. We are offering barge trips for after the ceremony, just as something different to do, then back for the wedding breakfast.

Can the couple do their first dance?
It depends on what tier you're in. We had a wedding couple do their first dance after cutting the cake, while all the guests remained seated. It was romantic, but a little shorter than normal. 

 If you would like any more information on what Wyrebank can do for you, or for availability, call 01995605455.

22nd October, 2020